Logiciels - Partie 1
(Liste suggérée)
Archive familiale de M. Pierre Landry - membre SGVC
(Photo : Arrière arrière grand-mère maternel)
Free / paid genealogy software popular with SGVC members.
Free genealogy software, easy to use and allows to put site in line with Généanet. Geneanet: site accessible with computer, tablet and phone.
 Free / paid genealogy software synchronized with Ancestry and FamilySearch
 Paid software to print his genealogy as a book by including images (documents, portraits, charters, etc.).
Free office suite, open most formats and replace Office advantageously. Save as PDF or others.
 Image editing software as powerful as Photoshop but free.
Site containing many basic resources to start and continue genealogy.

Paid genealogy francophone software, friendly and allows you to put your website online with Heredis.
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