Logiciels - Partie 2
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Legacy Family Tree 9 ( is a multilingual software (including French), with a very user-friendly visual interface, offered as a trial version (with no time limit but limited for certain functions) and paid version ($ 34.95 download version). French and English facebook support groups offer additional support to the designers. The reasons to buy this software are multiple. You'll find 20 on https: // See http: // to find out what evaluators think about it.
Allows to print of large family trees in the form of a fan
Site that makes the impression of a book from your texts, such as the book generated by GenoPresse.
Lightweight software that allows to make a JPEG image of the entire web page (text and images included).
Free and lightweight software for viewing images, text and audio. Opens a multitude of formats.

Archive familiale de M. Pierre Landry - membre SGVC
Photo : Filiation directe et collatérale de Louis Landry 
(Assis : Alexandre et Louis Landry. - Debout : Eutrope, Ernest, Wilfrid et Gérard.)
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